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Recent Messages from the Ottawa Gospel Hall

Stand Therefore

Rob West

00:00 / 27:20
Le bon grain et l'ivraie

Justin Brazeau

00:00 / 19:34
Confidence in God

Ken Kember

00:00 / 24:04
The Home At Bethany

Eugene Badgley

00:00 / 45:09
Divine Riches And Our Resulting Spiritual Responsibility

Ken Taylor

00:00 / 33:39
Lordship of Christ & Our Partnership With God

Glen Todd

00:00 / 33:21
Amazing Grace

Phil Morton

00:00 / 13:12
The Righteous Love & Wrath of God

Ben McLeod

00:00 / 14:28
The Natural vs Spiritual. Which Person Are You?

Glen Todd

00:00 / 37:54
The Priesthood

Justin Brazeau

00:00 / 19:09

The Foundation of Assembly Truth

The Guelph assembly hosted an online series (May 25th-30th) on The Foundation of Assembly Truth. The series was taken up by David Richards from Kamloops, BC. Our thanks to the Christians of the Guelph assembly for kindly allowing us to provide these audio recordings to you.


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