The Refuge Series

The Refuge Series are like Sunday afternoon ministry meetings but provided online in a webinar format. This weekly event will provide assembly believers with a regular source of encouragement and edification during the COVID-19 pandemic. We intend to keep these here for your reference, and are grateful to the Glen Ewen Gospel Hall for providing this to us.

Alastair Sinclair

Behold a Throne Was Set in Heaven

Daniel Rudge

The Riches of the Poor in Spirit

Clark Logan

The Sun, Moon, and Stars

Andrew Ussher

Resurrection Sunday: Refuge in the Risen Christ

Marcus Cain

The Lord's Throne is in Heaven

Craig Munro

The Seven Sabbaths in Luke

Peter Ramsay

When the Singer Loses His Song – Refocusing in the Sanctuary

Jack Hay

The Rapture

Sandy Higgins

The Man Who Found No Refuge

Bill Seale

The Plans of God

Gaius Goff

God’s Faithfulness: 7 Fear Not’s

Matthew Cain

God Is Not Self-Isolating

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