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Every MONDAY night
November to April
6:30-8:00 PM

It's FREE!
Please register 
in advance

With Singing
and Art lesson
and Bible Time
and Snack

Art lesson (7+ years)
Craft station (6 years and under)


Here at the Ottawa Gospel Hall, we have a lot of people who love art and the Bible. We have been involved in community outreach programs in the Overbrook area for about ten years through the UPWARDS! CAMP and UPWARDS! GYM NIGHT programs. Now we want to share a new opportunity for young art lovers in our community. We believe creativity is how God wired us and it's a muscle that needs to be trained regularly.

Each session will begin with a short time of singing during sign in. The art lesson will last approximately 40 minutes and cover a range of mediums and techniques. While our activities will be accessible for most children from ages 7-15, we will also have a station for younger kids where they can explore art materials in a more age-appropriate way. Students will then split up into three small groups for a presentation from the Bible (see curriculum below). We'll end things off with a snack before heading home.

Parents are more than welcome to stay the whole time (or to drop the kids off and go shopping). You might learn an art trick or two yourself! 

All of our volunteers are screened according to the Child Protection Policy of the Ottawa Gospel Hall (including vulnerable sector check). They must also undergo mandatory certification through the Plan to Protect program.

While consecutive attendance is not mandatory, we strongly encourage students to try to come regularly as some projects may span several weeks. We also plan on hosting Christmas and end-of-season events for the whole family where students will get to show off their art. 


Why are we doing this, and why for free? We believe that true Christianity should drive us to love our neighbours, and that takes many forms. One of those forms is giving, and this is one way we can try to share what we have : time, space to create, (art) knowledge, the sense of community.  We also believe we have the best possible news to share: God's good news to us. Each volunteer has personally experienced the transformation that this news brings. Because we take this seriously, and because we think transparency is important, we've plotted out the subjects that will be covered week by week during the Bible lesson time.  

This year, we plan to explore three questions : 1) Who is God? 2) Who is Jesus? and 3) Who am I? 

To see the topics that will be explored week by week, consult our 2022-2023 curriculum overview here:

As always, if you have any questions, please contact us at 

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