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Ottawa Gospel Hall
1087 North River Road

Join our livestream every Sunday (9:30AM & 7PM) and Tuesday (7:00PM)

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We are a group of Christians that meet at the Gospel Hall in the Overbrook community in Ottawa. Every member of this local assembly has personally received Jesus Christ as their Lord and followed him in baptism. While we are anything but perfect, we strive in all ways to be led by the Bible in our daily lives and as a congregation. Our meetings are simple and focused on knowing Christ more deeply every day. We'd love to meet you. More importantly, we'd love for you to meet Christ: nothing can be more life-transforming.



For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
Firefly childrens camp, croweds of kids painting, playing soccer, playing basketball, laug

Upwards! Camp

We will be holding the camp from Monday July 8th to Friday July 12th at the Rideau Hub (formerly Rideau High School). We hope your child/children will be able to join us again this summer. Below is a link with the details for the camp and a spot where you can register.

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Good News

In a world of bad news, we have the best possible news to offer. What makes it so good? First of all, it is for you. Secondly, it affects your well-being now and forever. Thirdly, it is true. Everyone who has trusted Christ as their saviour can speak to the transformation that has occurred (and continues to occur) in their lives. We'd love for you to hear this good news for yourself, and that's why we announce it every Sunday night.

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